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Welcome to Reality

Here at Reality Group Australia we strive to bring perfection in every aspect, whether it be an Event, Photoshoot, Venue, IT or Consultancy.


Bring your event to life with the help of Music Festival Group

We can have little or full input to your event allowing us to customise your event to you. No event is too small for MFG.


Capture lifes most precious moments with Reality Photography Perth

We offer Photography to suit every occasion, Wedding, Model, Birthday, Events, You name it, we can do it.


Welcome to the future of events

We provide a space for Venues, Promoters, Hirers and Events Companies to converge and plan the most successful events.

IT & Web Services

Need an In or Out of House IT service? Need Web Services?

We provide full In House and Out of House IT services to allow you the most flexability in your IT system.
We build Custom Web Apps and Websites for Anyone, Anything, Anyneed.

Lighting & Sound Consultancy

Do you have a Large Project? Small Project? Temporary Project? Permanent Project?

We offer Lighting & Sound Consultancy for every situation. Residential, Commercial, Large, Small, Theatre, Concert, Safety and much more. Contact us today to see how we can make your space, event, project even better!

Creative Consultancy

Simply, Anything Creative

You name it, we have the right person for it, Photography, Events, Design, Art, Music.


Get in the Reality Group loop and find out whats happening.