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We Sell Radios!

Offering a range of DMR (Digital) and Analog/CB radios for every industry!

Pro (Analog/CB)

These little units are absolute machines in the Analog/CB world. With maximum permissible power and extremely sensitive receivers they boast features not seen in this price point.

DMR (Digital/Analog/CB)

Using the full availability of a private frequency we can increase your quality of voice and value add features. Some features include remote device monitoring and shutdown as well as emergency alerts.

DMR32 (Digital/Analog/CB)

Bringing up to 32 channels of Digital or Analog private frequencies can really have a productive impact on your communications on site, and its cheaper than you think!


Solutions for everything, Private frequencies, special Single Frequency Repeaters suited to our DMR series or even fully custom programming.

The "Venue" Radio Package
Only $7500 for 18 Digital Radios

With 3 FDP DMR & 15 FDP DMR32 Digital Radios, a Private Frequency & 18 Covert Air-Tube earpieces.
If you are interested in this package please contact Jackson for a free demo in your venue.
Hover over each photo below or click below to learn more. 


15x DMR32 Digital Radios

Use these for your bar staff, guards or technical staff who need to communicate. Add on features such as private calls and private alerts for no additional cost!


3x DMR Digital Radios

Use these for your Venue Manager, Bar Manager and Head of Security to ensure effective communications both one on one and across the venue. Add features such as remote disable/enable & messaging for free!


All Of The Extras

This package includes: a private ACMA frequency licence (2 talkgroups), 18 earpieces, programming & onsite training for your staff.

All Private Frequencies are assigned through our ACMA registered partners.
It is illegal to operate on frequencies you are not licenced for (CB is on a licence for public use), most radios sold online are from China and are not approved for use in Australia, these are illegal and you must dispose of them immediately or hand them to a amateur radio operator near you.
All of our radios are RCM type approved for use in Australia.

Events, Made Easy.

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