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Bringing Venues to You

We are building a database of venues that can be compared side by side to give you the best choice in venue for your next event, presentation, speech, awards night, the list is unlimited and the best thing is we are free for all venue seekers!

Venue Seekers

Reality Group Australia are pioneers in the creative industries, we aim to create easy to use systems for both the events industry and the general public. We have a sole goal, Provide a full circle offering to our clients allowing them to be as involved as they with.

We have put together a folio of the best venues in Perth, We then compare them and setup our data matrix. We then take your request for a venue, which includes all nessacary information, and run it through our matrix, once we find the perfect venue we will liase with both you and the venue contact and can manage the booking right through to completion.

We strive to have a full circle system where you can contact us with your event and we can manage the entire planning, managment and production of the event allowing you to be as hands off as you wish, destressing you and allowing us to do what w do best, EVENTS!!

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Reality Group Australia is a 21st century events company that strives for perfection at every single event. We offer a full circle approach to our event managment meaning the contact you begin with will remain your designated ontact through out every event.

Good Question. create a custom package for every venue, Meaning we take the best parts of your facility and present them to the client. Depending on the package we will charge a 5-15% booking fee charged to the venue (recoverable through increase in hire cost). 

We can provide/source the following services (and moe):

- Staff

   - Medical

   - Security

   - FOH

   - Ushers

   - BOH

   - Stage Managment

   - Techs (audio, visual, lighting, IT)

- Equipment

   - Audio

   - Lighting

   - Other

And the best thing is, the more services you use, the lower the booking charge is!


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